Master Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the biggest reasons that custom manufactured homes continue to gain popularity among new home buyers. That’s because not every existing home has a bathroom that meets your and your family’s needs.

Consider that when purchasing an existing home, the bathroom has already been designed, built and customized. The problem is that it was not created with you in mind.

In many cases, already built homes offer bathrooms that are too small and not outfitted with modern conveniences. But when you customize your own mobile home, you get exactly what you want.

At Homes Direct, you will have the option of choosing models that include one or more bathrooms. This choice really comes down to the amount of living space and people the home will support. But purchasing one of the modest-sized custom mobile homes doesn’t mean a small bathroom. In fact, this class of home enjoys some of the most comfortable bathrooms available today. In other words, size matters.

In many ways, home buyers may want to consider the luxury items they desire in a bathroom before deciding on its layout and size. Ask yourself these questions when crafting your perfect bathroom:

  • Do I prefer walk-in showers or bathtub-shower combinations?
  • Is an oversized bathtub important to me?
  • How much counter and vanity space do I require?
  • Do his and hers options make sense?
  • Is a walk-in closet in my bathroom a dream option?
  • Do I want one bathroom or a master bathroom all my own?

The answers to these and other questions that a custom modular homes support person can answer will help you define the size, layout and the number of bathrooms that make your living space the envy of friends and family.

That being said, when you move forward and customize your own mobile home, top lighting fixtures, and floor plans are available. Bathrooms are a primary reason that so many people are choosing luxurious, yet cost-effective custom manufactured homes over existing structures.

Popular Bathroom Options

Today’s custom modular homes buyers are going all-in on bathrooms. They are selecting large, spacious master bathrooms and comfortable second and third options for guests and children. That idea points to a strong desire to enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience with lengthy baths in large tubs, convenient walk-in showers and a wealth of counter and vanity space.

Simply put, manufactured home buyers are going big with bathrooms. The trend is to select options that turn the bathing experience into pure pampering.