Our Process

Homes Direct makes the process of owning a home a simple and easy as possible. 
We break down the process and explain every step. 3 to 12 months is typical timeframe, some projects can take longer based on inspections, weather, factory backlogs, etc.

3 Month
6 to 15

Step 1

Securing a Home Location

The first step in owning a new home is probably the most important.
Finding a good location is essential as it will determine a lot of the costs and options that will be available to you.

1. If the location is a mobile home park then make sure that the maximum dimensions for the space being looked at is known.

2. If the location is land then make sure a manufactured/modular home can be placed there.,

3. If the home is intended as a second dwelling on a property that already has a home then find out from the city/county the maximum size allowed.

Step 2

Choose a Home !!

The next step is probably the most fun part, and also the most difficult. Selecting a home can be daunting but also the most fun as you personalize it and add all the custom options you desire.

Step 3

Arrange Financing, Permits, and Site Preparation

This phase is probably the one people dread the most. Endless maze of paperwork and legaleze. Home Direct agents are trained to help you through this phase and make it as easy as possible for you.

1. At this stage, Homes Direct requires a fully refundable deposit to lock in the price of the home and demonstrate your intent to move forward with the process. The money will be placed in an escrow or trust account. **AT THIS TIME HOMES DIRECT CAN NOT LOCK THE PRICE OF HOMES WITH THE HISTORIC BUILDING MATERIALS INFLATION HAPPENING RIGHT NOW**

2. Homes Direct will help arrange financing for our customers if necessary and ensure that the home selected is within the customer’s budget. Different lenders can work better for different customers based on where a home is going, what type of foundation is used, credit rating and how big of a down payment, and if permits and site prep are going to be included in the loan or not.

3. Homes Direct can also help with obtaining permits. Getting permits can vary in difficulty and expense by state and in some cases can be time consuming and frustrating.

4. The site where the home will be placed will need to be ready before the home arrives at the location. Any utilities that need to be run, any foundations that need to be built, and all requirements for obtaining the permit need to be finished before the home can be ordered from the factory.

Step 4

Order Home

Once all the paperwork is done, its time to order your new home and wait as it is being built at one of our manufactorer’s factory floor.

1. Make sure all the financing, permits, and site preparation are ready.
Review the home in detail to make sure every option and change is exactly how the customer wants it.

2. Review the home in detail to make sure every option and change is exactly how the customer wants it.

3. Homes Direct will work with the factory to make sure they build the home exactly as the customer wants it.

4. Once the home is ordered, it generally takes 6-12 months for the home to be delivered but time can vary on the project based on manufacturer and their backlog.

Step 5

Install Home

Once the home is finished, its time to pack it up and ship it to your location. We’ll be there with you to make sure the installation and finish is up to par.

1. Once the Home is completed, it will be delivered to the site, placed on its foundation and joined together.

2. After it’s joined together, the utilities will be connected, the tape and texture inside will be finished, the carpet/flooring will be laid down.


3. A walkthrough with the customer will take place and any issues that might arise will be fixed. Our technician will have the customer initial on a checklist each item that needs to be gone over to ensure it’s to industry standards.

4. Once everything signed off by the customer, a final inspection will be ordered from the city/county. When the home passes inspection, the customer gets their keys and is allowed to move into their new home.

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