Exterior Customization Options

Whether you call it curbside appeal or simply take pride in owning one of the popular custom manufactured homes that are trending, deciding on the exterior will play an important role in everyday comfort and resale value.

But perhaps the best part about custom design modular homes is that you won’t have to travel the countryside looking at dozens of properties. That’s because you will be able to design your own custom modular home online or with the assistance of a trained Homes Direct specialist.

Today’s custom modular homes offer a wealth of exterior options to prospective buyers that make the look and feel that says “home”. When you go to customize your mobile home, you will find a wealth of visually-appealing exterior options. Consider whether these and other options are right for you.

  • Vinyl: This type of siding provides homeowners with significant flexibility in terms of color and durability. Some products are able to withstand 100-mile per hour winds. It also comes insulated or non-insulated.
  • Fiber Cement: Enjoying a range of product thicknesses, this attractive siding can be installed vertically and horizontally.
  • Wood: Some homeowners prefer the look and feel of natural wood. Today’s modular home exteriors routinely use quality woods such as cedar.
  • Aluminum: This affordable, lightweight product is cost-effective and enjoys that added benefit of being painted to suit.

When customizing your own mobile home, you will discover that our trained Homes Direct customer service professionals have a broad range of materials on hand and each material offers multiple finishes.

It will be important to consider the types of skirting in conjunction with your new siding. Skirting, the material that protects the home between its base and the ground is a major exterior consideration. Like siding, the materials come in a wide range of finishes. Materials include the following.

  • Concrete, Brick and Cinder Block
  • Metal
  • Foam
  • Plywood
  • Old Barn Tin
  • Corrugated Fiberglass

While siding and skirting remain the foundations of exterior modular home beauty, consider some of the options that are trending high.

Popular Exterior Options

Among the highly sought after exterior options are porches. Today’s custom manufactured homes provide homeowners with that traditional covered porch that allows you to sit out and take in the fresh air, rain or shine. The visual appeal and lifestyle function of new porches make them extremely popular options. Other popular options include shutters, recessed windows, awnings, and lighting.

Exterior Packages

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