Living Room

The living rooms in custom manufactured homes are a significant priority because that is where you are likely to spend the majority of your relaxation time. Whether you are watching television or entertaining guests, this space needs to feel welcoming and comfortable. That being said, Homes Direct custom mobile homes afford buyers with options that can bring your dream living room to life.

Home buyers will have a variety of living room choices. Start by considering the square footage and shape of your dream living room. Ask yourself key questions that include the following:

  • Is an open floor plan right for me?
  • Do I prefer living room privacy?
  • How large should I design my living room?
  • Will my furniture fit into the size and dimensions well?
  • How often do friends and family visit?

With questions such as these answered and the guidance of an experienced manufactured homes customer service specialist, you will have a solid idea about your unique living room design requirements.

From there you will be able to infuse that space with light by checking off the number, height, and style of windows that make sense for you. Light is generally a living room priority that makes or breaks the idea of gentle comfort.

Some living rooms in custom manufactured homes are best served by opting for a full wall of front or rear windows. These can provide a rich view and natural light while maintaining privacy from neighbors on either side. Privacy remains a key consideration when selecting windows.

With the floor plan and windows in mind, you can customize your own mobile home by choosing power outlet placement, entertainment center options, specialized overhead lighting, and fans among others. You can even customize your mobile home by choosing a built-in fireplace to bring the ambiance together.

Choosing the living room options has never been easier or more rewarding. It’s even possible to customize your own mobile home online.

Popular Living Room Options

Style and light top the list of trending living room options. Large, full-wall windows have emerged as a popular option among custom manufactured homes buyers. In many cases, people are opting for two walls that offer natural light into these spaces.

Stylized ceilings that appear layered are also a nice touch that sets the space apart from many of the standard designs on the market today. And, custom light fixtures are game-changers for home buyers. These are just some of the considerations available in today’s custom mobile homes. Speak to a Homes Direct customer service professional about the lengthy list of options that can go into your dream living room.