7 Best Modular Homes on Clearance Available Now

Best Manufactured Homes on Clearance

Modular homes are becoming ever more popular these days. Buying a mobile home is an excellent choice for many people who are just starting their journey! Mobile homes are more affordable compared to site-built homes meanwhile very well constructed and customized.

There are things to consider before making a purchase. It is necessary to research the market and find not only the best manufacturer but also the best timing for a purchase! Even if mobile homes are factory-built homes and the seasonal factor does not apply, there are tricks to know!

When searching for your dream mobile home, look into modular home clearance options! This way you can get a house with a very good deal.

Let’s discuss this further! Learn about modular homes on clearance and how to find them!

Mobile homes have many advantages and are improving very much with new construction materials, a variety of floor plans, and customizing options! Homebuying has seasonal consequences much like most other purchases. This can depend on many factors. The best period to buy a mobile home on clearance is probably Midsummer, the week of Thanksgiving, and pretty much any time in December are the opportunities for a greater deal in mobile home buying with the least amount of competition. Discounts on mobile homes happen frequently, one needs to know about them coming and catch the moment for it!

How do mobile home clearance sales happen and why?

Modular home clearance happens seasonally when there is high demand and sometimes sellers want you to choose them so they offer the houses at discounts and this way it's a win-win situation.

For buyers it’s always good to look into the slower selling times, this way they will get the best deal as the demand is low and prices change accordingly!

If December is the time when sales volume is lowest, the buyer is much less likely to enter that bidding war. And if the seller really is seeing few interested buyers, a great deal on your new place could be close at hand.

Best Mobile Homes on Clearance

With years of experience in the industry, Homes Direct offers the best options for its buyers nearly in all states. We connect people with the best manufacturers and provide a smooth home buying process.

Here are modular homes on clearance!

1. K2744A Home

Price: $153,900
Section: 2 , SQFT 1188
Bath: 2, Beds 2
Manufacturer: Karsten Homes

Keeping with the larger end of the best small manufactured home list, the K2744 home by Karsten Homes also features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in 1,188 square footage. What sets this home apart from the Jefferson Home is the tiled flooring in the kitchen and bathroom spaces. The living room space is a bit smaller so that the bedrooms can have extra room, as this feature may appeal to small and medium-sized families who love to spend their private time in their bedrooms.

2. CM6622L

Price: $98,900
Section: 1 , SQFT 887
Bath: 2, Beds 2
Manufacturer: Champion California

Priced at $98,900, the CM662L Home easily deserves to be ranked on the list of 16 best luxury mobile homes. This home has everything from open floor plans, wood floors, and beautiful wood cabinets. Recessed lights add extra lighting even as the large and numerous windows bring in the sunshine. See details of the manufacturer Champion California.

3. Jefferson Home

Price: $145,815
Section: 2 , SQFT 1188
Bath: 2, Beds 3
Manufacturer: Palm Harbor

There are even small manufactured homes for medium-sized families. The Jefferson home by Palm Harbor Homes may only be 1,188 square feet, yet it features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths much like a traditionally-built single-family home.

This double-section home comes with a wide living room, chef's kitchen, and a small dining area to separate these spaces in the open floor plan.
The master bedroom is separate from the other bedroom spaces as it features a large master bath with double sinks as well as a separate shower and tub space. The two remaining bedrooms have their own bathroom with a combination shower and tub.

4. Loft

Price: $108,024
Section: 1 , SQFT 1153
Bath: 2, Beds 2
Manufacturer: Champion Arizona

This 1,153-square foot modular home offered by Champion Arizona features 2 bedrooms and 2 baths wrapped in modern comfort.
It has an enormous 17'-2’ x 14' -6' living room with a bathroom that is shared with the spare bedroom. The large kitchen has a cabinet wraparound along one wall and a small dining space that could also be used as a breakfast nook.

The utility room is in the kitchen, making it simple to have a laundry room in the space. The master bathroom is on the other side of the kitchen as it has its own master bathroom. See details of the manufacturer Champion Arizona.

5. K1676H Home

Price: $114,834
Section: 1 , SQFT 1178
Bath: 2, Beds 3
Manufacturer: Karsten (New Mexico)

Here is another larger, small modular home. The K1676H home by Karsten is a little smaller than the other ones previously mentioned at 1,178 square feet.

Instead of being a double section, it has a single section with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. This home has a closed floor plan when compared to the others, as the living room has an arch leading to a dining room with a kitchen that wraps around the utility space. The bedrooms are at opposite ends as they feature large bathroom spaces that give off a luxury feeling.

6. Paradise Home

Price: $82,62
Section: 1 , SQFT 586
Bath: 1, Beds 1
Manufacturer: Palm Harbor

This 586-square foot space costs under 100K and features a combined living room and dining room. The kitchen is more rectangular in shape with a catty-corner sink and counters lining both walls. It has a large single bedroom and spacious bathroom to round out the space. As the Paradise is a one-bedroom manufactured home you have to be comfortable with more cozy arrangements. Otherwise, a home with more space may be more appealing to you. Find more Palm Harbor homes

7. Casa De Ceilo

Price: $75,572
Section: 1 , SQFT 500
Bath: 1, Beds 1
Manufacturer: Palm Harbor

The Casa De Ceilo home has a uniquely designed modern exterior leading into a quaint and cozy interior. This tiny house is perfect for small families.

There are several customizations to these luxury modular home plans. It features a large living room with a standard walk-in kitchen and a double sink.


What are the most affordable modular homes?

Finding your dream prefab home under 100k sounds difficult but surely not impossible! Check out the most affordable modular homes under 100K.

What is the best month to buy a mobile home?

The best period to buy a mobile home on clearance is probably Midsummer, the week of Thanksgiving, and pretty much any time in December are the opportunities for a greater deal in mobile home buying with least amount of competition

What are the highest quality manufactured homes?

Currently manufactured homes are built with high standards and under strict regulations to provide steady housing options for many!

Here are the best modular home manufacturers!

How much do manufactured homes cost in 2022?

The national average price for a modular home in 2022 is $180,000.

Are modular homes cheaper to buy?

Compared to site-built houses, modular homes are more affordable.

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