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How to Remodel a Mobile Home?

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Mobile homes have several advantages over the built on-site houses. But there are several frequently asked questions about remodeling options:

  • Can you remodel a mobile home?
  • How to remodel a mobile home?
  • How much is it to remodel a mobile home?
  • Do you need a permit to remodel a mobile home?
  • Is remodeling a mobile home worth it?

In this mobile homes remodeling guide we’ll answer all these questions. And we’ll show how your mobile home can be remodeled to look like a cool house.  

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Guide to the Manufactured Home Skirting

Manufactured Home Skirting Options, Ideas, and Costs

Manufactured home skirting ranks high in terms of style and function. Skirting prices can range significantly, depending upon the square footage needed and style that best accentuates your new home. In this manufactured home skirting guide, you’ll gain insight into a variety of skirting ideas and skirting options. A working knowledge about skirting options can help you put the finishing touches on your home. 

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How To Select The Best Manufactured Home Floor Plan

A manufactured home will create a wonderful family life when it meets the needs of the family. A good floor plan is essential for providing the space that a family needs to live effortlessly. Manufactured homes have attracted many architects and designers who are competing to provide buyers with choices. The result has also been many new trends in the interior design of manufactured homes. Buyers can be assured of finding a floor plan to meet their needs and a floor plan that is the same as they will find in a site-built home.

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Design Your Own Custom Mobile Home

Design Your Own Manufactured Home

Home buyers often overlook the great value offered by a manufactured home that can be customized to fit their lifestyle. Buyers can choose from hundreds of designs, but they can also create their own manufactured home design by customizing any of our floor plans. Our goal is to provide you with a home that will enable you to feel that you have personalized your home rather than buying a stock model that may not provide the comfort and convenience you would like to have. You can also combine your ideas with the existing manufactured home designs.

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