Best Modern Prefab Homes in California, Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico & Washington

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Contemporary modular homes from the best home builders in California, Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico & Washington

Before digging into a lot of information on modern prefab homes let’s, first of all, understand what is a prefab home?
Prefabricated houses, often referred to as prefab homes or modern mobile homes, are so called because they are primarily manufactured in advance off-site, then delivered and assembled on site.

Prefabricated homes were produced during the Gold Rush in the United States during the 19th century to enable California prospectors to quickly construct homes. Also known as kit houses, pre-cut houses, ready-cut houses, mail order homes, or catalog homes, they remained popular into the first half of the 20th century.

Kit house manufacturers sold houses in many different plans and styles, ranging from simple bungalows to imposing Colonials. For a fixed price, manufacturers supplied the materials needed for the construction of a particular house with the exclusion of brick, concrete, and masonry.

When searching for contemporary prefab homes to buy, you should make sure you have the best team and specialist to work on it. Nowadays the market is full of different options and thorough research is a must! Find out some of the best contemporary modular homes builders and modern prefab home kits providers in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico!

Best modern prefab home builders recommended by Homes Direct:

California - Champion California, Golden West California

Arizona - Champion Arizona, Schult Homes, Durango/Cavco Homes

Oregon - Palm Harbor, Golden West Oregon

New Mexico - Karsten Homes

Washington - Golden West OR, Palm Harbor Homes

How long does it take to build a prefab home

Depending on the size and finishes of your desired prefab custom homes, it can be built in as little as three months. Most prefab homes can be built in four to six months from start to finish. This is much faster than traditional homes, which average about eight months to build, and in some markets, custom home construction can drag on for years.

Modern-style modular homes might require a bit more. It strongly depends on the size, the style, and the materials needed for the construction. The process is faster than traditional home construction as building it in a factory limits weather delays, makes construction more efficient, and creates clear predictable delivery dates. 

Benefits of modern prefab homes in comparison with building on site

As discussed, prefab homes are built with strict quality-control systems using the same materials and governed by the same building codes required by home builders on site-built homes.

They arrive at your site as separate prefabricated modules and are neatly assembled within days into homes that are indistinguishable from comparable homes built on-site. What are the costs of modern prefab homes? What are the benefits of choosing modern prefab homes over traditional?

Strong Structure 

New modern mobile homes are based on a very strong structure as they have to conform to the same local, state, and regional building codes as homes built on-site. Modern prefab homes are very safe and durable even in weather emergencies.

Sustainable and energy-efficient

Modern prefab homes are very sustainable because the components that they are made from are sent directly to the construction site. They are also very energy efficient and their windows keep the heat in reducing energy bills at the same time.

Fast Construction

This is probably one of the top benefits of prefab homes for sale. Small prefab homes most of the time are very fast to build. Of course, it does depend on the model but compared to on-site homes indeed prefab homes can be constructed faster.

The price

You can definitely find affordable prefab homes if your budget is small. Price is probably one of the biggest advantages of choosing such a house. Prefab homes are really not expensive compared with traditional ones. Let’s discover modern prefab home prices below.

Still thinking why are people so interested in prefab homes? There are indeed a fast-growing number of people in the USA considering the prefab approach to building and customizing their own homes and dreams. Best modern prefab homes offer huge benefits.

Best modern prefab homes

People across the country are looking for the best-manufactured homes as their first or second homes. Here at Homes Direct, we have a range of small mobile homes that provide a wealth of advantages. These homes are typically lower in costs (some are under 50K) than a traditionally built home yet are constructed with the same materials. Modern prefab home prices can vary depending on the design and style.

Check out some of the best modular home designs. Find affordable modular homes that can match your budget!

Modern prefab homes under 300k 

Seavannah Home - Karsten Homes

Karsten Home: Seavannah Exterior

Karsten Home: Seavannah Interior


2,280 3 2 30x76 2 $212,600

Hazer Hacienda Home - Gold West California

Golden West: Hazer Hacienda Home Exterior

Golden West: Hazer Hacienda Home Interior


2,334 4+ 3 40x60 3 $254,733

Modern prefab homes under 200k

Seavannah Home - Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor: Seavannah Home Exterior

Palm Harbor: Seavannah Home Interior


2,213 3 2 30x76 2 $178,057

Sparks Castle Home -  Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor: Sparks Castle Home Exterior

Palm Harbor: Sparks Castle Home Interior


2,015 3 2 29x70 2 $167,900

Modern prefab homes under 150k

Evergreen Home - Champion Arizona

Champion Arizona: Evergreen Home Exterior

Champion Arizona: Evergreen Home Interior


1,173 2 2 27x52 2 $146,319

CK441F Home - Gold West California

Golden West: CK441F Home Exterior

Golden West: CK441F Home Interior


1,188 3 2 27x44 2 $129,253

Modern prefab homes under 100k

The Loft Home - Palm Harbor Home

Palm Harbor: The Loft Home Exterior

Palm Harbor: The Loft Home Interior


1,140 2 2 15x76 1 $97,213

HDX1668 Home - Schult 

Schult: HDX1668 Home Exterior

Schult: HDX1668 Home Interior


1,043 3 2 16x68 1 $94,578

Paradise Home - Palm Harbor Homes

Palm Harbor: Paradise Home Exterior

Palm Harbor: Paradise Home Interior


586 1 1 15x48 1 $69,739

How to buy a prefab home

When it comes to fulfilling a dream of buying a house everyone is rushing as they see themselves owning a home as soon as possible. There are certain things though that you need to know beforehand and prepare yourself for future purchase. Here are a couple of things to consider! 


A very crucial point in home buying is to consider the timing and to know when to buy! Manufactured home pricing has a tendency to fluctuate.

The average cost of mobile home prices may be lower, and discounts may be available from January through March. Waiting for a good timeframe to buy a mobile home can be pleasing to your wallet. Know when and where to buy a mobile home.

Prefab Home Sizes     

This is the time to make a big move. Sit with your family and think about your needs and the size of the house you wish. Do you need a large prefab home or are you fine with small modular homes?  There are three basic sizes of manufactured homes, single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide.

Single-wides generally run about 15 feet wide. Double-wides run 26 feet wide and triple-wides can run upwards of 45 feet wide. It is indeed always preferable to buy a mobile home that is bigger considering that the price is worth it and people usually regret choosing the small size.

Floor Plans

Manufactured homes enjoy numerous floor plans to accommodate families of all sizes. It’s essential to consider things such as gathering spaces, need for a home office, kitchen size and amenities, and master bedrooms or master suites.

Financing - Financing Options

Potential buyers do not necessarily need to rely on niche lenders. Approved buyers can get a mortgage under loan programs such as FHA, VA, USDA Rural, Chattel, HUD, or other conventional options. Contact a professional team of experts that can assist and guide! 

Customization Options

The cost of your new manufactured home will be driven by square footage, design, and customization options. Today’s mobile homes are crafted with high-quality materials and luxury amenities are available. Buyers who do not select the options they desire when ordering a new manufactured home often experience regret.

Know Potential Additional Costs 2021

When securing financing for your new mobile home, conduct due diligence about peripheral things such as electrical, sewer, water, insurance, and other outlying costs.
Check out a full home buying checklist that can assist you indeed!

What Homes Direct will do for you!

Our staff is trained to break down the process of buying and owning a new manufactured home. We'll walk you through each step and help you apply for the permits, financing, any necessary site prep, and complete paperwork.

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