The 20 Best Manufactured Homes For You And Your Family

In November 2018, the United States Census Bureau reported that about 7.7 thousand mobile homes were shipped across the country as the average sales price was $79,000. At Homes Direct, we have the best manufactured homes in the industry, as we would like to introduce to you the 20 most popular mobile homes that people love.

  1. The Loft Home
  2. Casita Home
  3. Timber Ridge Elite Home
  4. River’s Edge Home
  5. St. Andrews Home
  6. Sunset Bay Plus Home
  7. Mount Shasta Home
  8. Golden Exclusive 662K Home
  9. Metolius Cabin Home
  10. The Sunset Bay Home
  11. Timber Ridge Home
  12. Metolius Cabin 2 Home
  13. Sunset Bay 2 Home
  14. Secret Cove Home
  15. Paradise Home
  16. Karsten SF29 Home
  17. Hazer Hacienda Home
  18. Karsten RC4068B Home
  19. Karsten K2776A Home
  20. Sunset Bay Home

Manufactured homes have become the answer that people are looking for when they want to become first-time or second-time home buyers. Also called mobile homes, these residential buildings are created in the style that's perfect for people who are looking for more realistic home prices. Check out images and descriptions of the best Homes Direct mobile homes and perhaps you will choose one of them to fulfill a dream of homeownership↓↓↓

The 20 Top Rated Manufactured Homes by Our Customers [Real Statistics Data]

#1: The Loft Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model The Loft

Simplicity meets contemporary when it comes to The Loft Home that is manufactured by Palm Harbors. One of the best manufactured homes on the market, The Loft is a 1-section mobile home that features 1,140-square feet, making it spacious for couples and small families. This mobile home offers a semi-open floor plan where the large chef's kitchen becomes the main focal feature. It is situated between the living room and dining room as the 2 bedrooms are at opposite ends. So it is the perfect place for couples who love to cook or host dinner parties due to the kitchen's convenient location. Just keep in mind that you may have to deal with running kids when carrying plates and platters between rooms.

#2: Casita Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Casita

Perfect for large families, the Casita home is one of the best built mobile homes. It has 4+ bedrooms and 3 baths as it is 2,810 square feet. This home is perfect for multigenerational living, as it features a master bedroom, in-law suite, and 2 additional bedrooms connected to a Jack-and-Jill bathroom. Like many home styles in the southern states, it features a great room with a sun room and kitchen combined as it leads to the dining room and living room spaces. When having enough room is definitely at the top of the homeowner list, the Casita home by Palm Harbors exceeds your expectations.

#3: Timber Ridge Elite Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Timber Ridge EliteHigher-end features and more amenities are packed into the Timber Ridge Elite manufactured home. Similar in many ways to the Casita floor plan, this 3-section, 2,635-square foot home offers 4+ bedrooms and 3 baths. This home has a combined living room, dining room and great room space, while offering a more private and enclosed kitchen area. The bedrooms are along the outer walls forming a U shape as there is a game room between two of the bedrooms. This setup can be a disadvantage for some people who want more open access to the game room without having to travel through one of the bedrooms. Yet overall, it is a popular home for couples looking to start a big family.

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#4: River’s Edge Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model River’s EdgePeople who desire functionality and quaintness turn to the Rivers Edge home plan. This is one of the best manufactured homes for individuals looking for a starter home or for couples and retirees who want to downsize. Featuring 976 square feet, the manufactured home has a master bedroom, spare bedroom and 2 baths as it comes in 2 sections. The living room and kitchen are open, as you can come home, kick up your feet, and relax with the loved one while looking at the scenic forest, mountain or ocean views from the front porch.

#5: St. Andrews Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model St. AndrewsThe first thing that comes to mind when you walk into a St. Andrews home is how smart the design is. While this manufactured home is only 1,856 square feet featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, the whole entire space encompasses the feeling of spaciousness. This high-quality manufactured home has an open floor plan for the living room and dining room space, while the kitchen is semi-enclosed with an island between the two entryways. Also, another unique amenity is the small breakfast nook that many modern site-built homes do not have. So the family can get together for quick meals and fun times.

#6: Sunset Bay Plus Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Sunset Bay PlusWhen you want space yet are looking for an affordable alternative, the Sunset Bay Plus home provides the best of both worlds. This dwelling features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths within 1,550 square feet. There is a more open floor plan between the living room, kitchen and dining room as wood cabinetry makes a seamless and uniform transition between living spaces. Also, you'll definitely notice the large bedroom spaces that range from 100 to 110 square feet, as well as the 175-square foot master bedroom, that will provide ample room for a family of four.

#7: Mount Shasta Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Mount Shasta

Many of the best mobile homes will feature bedrooms on the outer areas with living spaces in the middle. However, the Mount Shasta home plan instead places all the bedrooms at the back of the home and then places in a large range of amenities in the front to provide a higher end, luxury feeling. At 2,428 square feet, the home has 3 bedrooms, a master bedroom and 2 baths. The large kitchen is separated from the living room and dining room areas due to the family room, which may not appeal to some families who don't want to travel so far to get a bite to eat. Yet the large chef's kitchen definitely will make you stay around for the great meals as it has a breakfast nook and center island that is perfect for entertaining guests who are over for dinner.

#8: Golden Exclusive 662K Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Golden Exclusive 662KSome home buyers want the ultimate master bedroom to turn into their private sanctuary. The Golden Exclusive 662K home provides this amenity and so much more. This 4+ bedroom and 2 bath features a large combined living room and dining room space as well as a family room in its 2,596-square foot floor plan. The master bedroom is separated from the other three bedrooms as it has double sinks, a large walk-in shower stall and separate oval bathtub for long, relaxing soaks. It also can come with his & her walk-in closet. The kitchen is located in the back of the living room and dining room, as it features a center island, walk-in pantry and breakfast nook.

#9: Metolius Cabin Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Metolius CabinSome of the best manufactured homes can come in small sizes while utilizing the outdoor spaces efficiently to make the home feel more spacious. The 1,498-square foot Metolius manufactured home does just that, as this 2 bedroom and 2 bath home is long rather than wide while combining the living room, dining room and kitchen into one open floor space. A study and the two bedrooms are at the back of the house. Yet the front is the selling feature, as a large adjoining porch creates the ultimate indoor-outdoor space.

#10: The Sunset Bay Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model The Sunset BayIf you love the architectural design of the Sunset Bay Plus home but are looking for a little cozier living arrangements, the Sunset Bay house may be your answer. It still features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Yet it has 1,500 square feet of space. The bedrooms are kept together, which will appeal to families who have small children but not to others who would like their master bedroom to be more separated from the others. Overall, the Sunset Bay's open floor plan for the living room, dining room and kitchen make this manufactured home comfortable without all the extra frills.

#11: Timber Ridge Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Timber RidgeThe recent growing trends in home styles have leaned toward offering multigenerational forever homes. Like the Timber Ridge Elite, the Timber Ridge home plan answers this calling by offering 3 bedrooms, a master bedroom and a parent retreat that could also be turned into a small in-law suite. This extravagant 2,311-square foot best value mobile home has everything including a great room, dining room, kid's separate play room and walk-in closets for the bedrooms. A spacious chef's kitchen will definitely accommodate mid to large size families as there is more than enough space to give a bit of privacy to every member of the family.

#12: Metolius Cabin 2 Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Metolius Cabin 2Similar to the Metolius Cabin, the Metolius Cabin 2 is perfect for a lot that is narrow in width but long in depth. It has an open floor plan with the kitchen, dining room and living room combined in the front as the 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are in the back of the house. Although there are fewer bedrooms, the house is perfect for couples, retirees and small families who want larger living spaces as the house has 1,550 square feet attached. With a large front porch area, the Metolius Cabin 2 is the perfect affordable home for people who want to live in comfort.

#13: Sunset Bay 2 Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Sunset Bay 2If you are scratching your head on why we are featuring another Sunset Bay 2 home in our list, the answer is simple. It is an extremely popular house style that many manufacturers offer. The first two Sunset Bay homes are crafted by Palm Harbor while this one is from the Golden West manufacturer. The main difference with this home plan is that it is completely customizable. You have 1,512 square feet to let your imagination run wild as you can decide on multiple floor plan arrangements for the 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and combined kitchen, dining room and living room spaces. So if you want to change a bedroom into a den or add a glamour bath to the master bedroom, you can.

#14: Secret Cove Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Secret CoveWhen looking at the front of the Secret Cove Home, it appears as a typical, inconspicuous mobile home. Yet when you step inside, you realize just how big and beautiful it is inside. The Secret Cove is rightly named, as this 1,620-square foot house features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with large living spaces to offer a more private interior design appearance. You walk into the spacious living room that has an open floor plan with the dining room and kitchen with an island to define the different zones. The bedrooms are on either side of the living spaces, as the master bedroom is separated to give a more private and secluded feature. With a walk-in shower, tub, double sinks and large walk-in closet, you'll find yourself closing the master bedroom door and sinking down in relaxation after a hard day of work.

#15: Paradise Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model ParadiseA tiny home enthusiast will definitely want to check out the features in the Paradise Home. This 1 bedroom and 1 bath house is perfect for individuals, retirees and couples who are looking for a place that focuses on functionality and simplicity. The living room and dining room are combined with the kitchen off to one side that is long and narrow as it gives access to the bedroom space. This home is very small at 586 square feet. So you have to be comfortable with more cozy arrangements. Otherwise, a home with more space may be more appealing to you.

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#16: Karsten SF29 Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Karsten SF29For very large families, the Karsten SF29 Home provides the space you need. It is larger than the Mount Shasta home yet smaller than the Casita house plan at 2,588 square feet. It has 4+ bedrooms and 3 baths with combined living room and dining room spaces attached to a semi-open kitchen and breakfast nook. One unique aspect is that it has an attached family room and bedroom room off to one side of the house. This layout will appeal to some people, yet others may not like having those two rooms separated from the others.

#17: Hazer Hacienda Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Hazer HaciendaThe Hazer Hacienda Home has a layout that is similar in many ways to the Timber Ridge and Timber Ridge Elite home styles. The 2,334-square foot home has a great room and dining room combined with the kitchen in the center of the house. The master bedroom with parent retreat sits on one side of the house while the remaining 3 bedrooms are on the other side. Instead of a game room, there is a utility room separating one of the bedrooms, and a play room lies between the remaining other bedrooms. This manufactured home provides ample room for mid to large families.

#18: Karsten RC4068B Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model RC4068BThe Karsten RC4068B Home is a unique floor plan that gives you more options on what to do with the extra spare rooms. While it is listed as a 4+ bedroom and 3 bath floor layout, the 2,754-square foot house allows smaller families to transform the two extra bedrooms into sitting room spaces since they don't have attached bathrooms. So you can have a family room, den, craft room or game room that is separated from the open living room/dining room spaces.

#19: Karsten K2776A Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model K2776AThe Karsten K2776A Home is the perfect layout when family comes first to you. This 2,052-square foot home with 4+ bedrooms and 2 baths is smartly designed, as it has an open living room, kitchen and dining room which are combined. On one side of the house is a family room that leads into the 3 other bedrooms. So it makes the perfect place for the kids to gather and play games together. The master bedroom is located on the other side of the house as it features a glamour bathroom with double sinks, a walk-in shower and a large soaking tub space. The parents can have some private time together to just relax.

#20: Sunset Bay Home

Homes Direct Modular Homes - Model Sunset BayYes, it is another Sunset Bay home. Offered by Golden West, this 1,512 square foot home features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths for couples and small families. This floor plan isn't much different from the Sunset Bay 2 home layout. It allows you to customize one bedroom to turn it into an optional den and you can place on an optional front porch. You can also add in a glamour bath to the master bathroom if you are really looking to pamper yourself. It is a well-rounded home at a great price.

What Makes a Great Manufactured Home?

Now that you know some of the most popular mobile homes, you are probably wondering about what is the right one to buy. During your search, you want to focus on the following qualities:


A fantastic aspect of a manufactured home is that it is easily customizable. You can start out with a smaller home for yourself and your spouse. As your family grows, you can attach additional modules to suit your future space needs. You don't have to deal with long construction deadlines as the installation is very fast.

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Stringent Building Standards

All manufactured homes must meet the stringent Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards code established by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The manufactured homes at Homes Direct will feature the red certification label which signifies that the manufactured home has meet all fire safety, energy efficiency, structural design, transportation and construction standards.

Affordable Luxuries

Mobile homes are considered less risky to build for contractors. This benefit allows manufacturers to lower their prices and give these savings to home buyers. In addition, home buyers can place in additional luxuries and amenities that best fit their particular budgets. So if you are looking to add in marble countertops or hardwood floors, you can. It's this reason that over 22 million people lived in manufactured homes throughout the United States in 2017, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute. These residential dwellings allow people to have affordable homes with luxury features without breaking their budgets.

Modern Efficiencies

Due to HUD building code regulations, manufacturers always keep updated to the changing technologies and building materials that can make these homes more energy efficient. Many manufactured homes can receive Energy Star certification for water efficiency, efficient windows and lighting, energy-saving appliances and eco-friendly building materials. You can obtain a modern home with the latest technologies while saving money on your utility bills.

Fast Construction and Installation

Site-built homes can take months to be completed. Manufactured homes can take as little as 60 to 75 days to be designed, constructed and installed on the property. You avoid most of the construction headaches as you'll be able to move into your new home quickly.

Best Mobile Home Manufacturers

Here at Homes Direct, we are a dealer in the best mobile homes from manufacturers such as Champion, Cavco, Palm Harbor Homes and Karsten. These manufacturers feature a wide selection of home styles and amenities so you can pick the one that best suits your lifestyle. In addition, these manufacturers have a solid reputation focused on high quality, exceptional customer service, and the best value. So if you are interested in manufactured homes, check out the floor plans offered at Homes Direct as you'll find the best home at the right price.